Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Robin, my wife (yes...she taught Miss America, Teresa Scanlan how to play piano)John Carlson, and myself have formed a music group called... "The Perfect Blend".

We've been playing music and performing for years. Most recently, we've been providing entertainment for local coffee houses, up-scale restaurants, reunions, and private parties. We play many different venues from very intimate to larger settings (200-300 people) Presently we have a playlist of 180 songs ranging from Dan Fogelberg to The Eagles... and Billy Joel to any acoustic artist worth mentioning. WE take pride in being able to recreate a sound that seems to have lost its place. When music was music... something worth listening to... great melodies, tight harmonies, perfect lyrics. Give us a listen to... and like our business cards say... "When you want that sound for your special occasion” It’s true... Contact info for bookings... 308-631-3838
Ask for Perry.
FYI... click on the player at the right of this blog and you'll hear "The Perfect Blend"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is it YOUR Passion???

There are times in everyone’s life that the experience of finding success and having it spur you on to greater accomplishments is truly what makes us WANT to do things.

It’s my hope that as you spend more time playing the guitar, you too… will find success and this in turn will lead you to keep working on how to become a better player… how to learn that “next” tune. After all, if you don’t have a “passion” for playing the guitar… most likely you won’t find it necessary to keep going; building those calluses… learning more chords...and discovering new riffs.
Passion is the “buzz” word for the day. What exactly are you passionate about… let’s hope it is… or will be playing the guitar. Now, let’s not forget… to keep our fingers on the fret-board and keep jamming!!