Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Robin, my wife (yes...she taught Miss America, Teresa Scanlan how to play piano)John Carlson, and myself have formed a music group called... "The Perfect Blend".

We've been playing music and performing for years. Most recently, we've been providing entertainment for local coffee houses, up-scale restaurants, reunions, and private parties. We play many different venues from very intimate to larger settings (200-300 people) Presently we have a playlist of 180 songs ranging from Dan Fogelberg to The Eagles... and Billy Joel to any acoustic artist worth mentioning. WE take pride in being able to recreate a sound that seems to have lost its place. When music was music... something worth listening to... great melodies, tight harmonies, perfect lyrics. Give us a listen to... and like our business cards say... "When you want that sound for your special occasion” It’s true... Contact info for bookings... 308-631-3838
Ask for Perry.
FYI... click on the player at the right of this blog and you'll hear "The Perfect Blend"