Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lesson 5 - jammin with the Minor Pentatonic

Now that you are getting a good feel for the 12 bar blues and its chord changes, I have included a couple of videos (pentatonic looping part 1 & 2) that will introduce you to a pentatonic scale and will enable you to play lead guitar as someone plays the (12 bar chord progression) rhythm part with you. If you'd like... after listening to the videos and learning your first pentatonic
scale, click on the audio below and where I
have recorded a rhythm part so you can jam as
you play lead guitar.
(pentatonic scale at the 12th fret)

Notice the Tablature fingerings in the above photo are as follows:

10 ----12

If you have questions with this fingering, please watch Pentatonic Looping (part 1) and follow me as I show you the proper fingering for playing this scale.

I will also place the Rhythm track for jammin on my podcast...
have a blast playing lead.

12 bar blues -

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