Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Taylor T5 - Hybrid

I have a Taylor T5 that I purchased for the purpose of jamming with the band.  I have found that (for me) the best way of using my T5 is by having "super light acoustic strings".  I have found that this is most comfortable for me to play...using the T5.  However, to get the full range of acoustic volume has been a bit of a stuggle... for the lower end is a bit weak.  So I still use my 814CE for the acoustic tunes... like James Taylor tunes.  Fun guitar to play though... like a dream.  I still might put a LR Baggs Ibeam in it to see if I can create that epic sound that I'm after.  If you've tried this... let me know...

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  1. The controls are very much situated and smooth tuning, and the inside detents on the EQ handles make it conceivable to locate their level settings rapidly. The Volume pot likewise has a detent at its midpoint. The T5 is sensibly peaceful—you need to turn the Treble or Volume controls as far as possible up to see any murmur—and I like how the Volume control safeguards the top of the line sheen when it's turned down. The absence of stereo outs implies you can't run the T5 straightforwardly into many amps (or an amp and the P.A.), yet included with the guitar is an XLR link for associating with the low-impedance contribution on an acoustic amp or blending console.